Zhou Youguang , Zhou Youguang’s 112th Birthday Google Doodle

Date: January 12, 2018 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Zhou Youguang , Zhou Youguang’s 112th Birthday Google Doodle

Today the Search Engine Google is celebrating Zhou Youguang’s 112th birthday with Google Doodle animated video in Australia , Japan 周有光 , United States , Canada and some other countries. He was a Chinese economist, banker, linguist, sinologist and publisher known as the “father of Pinyin for creating the system of Romanized Chinese writing that has become the international standard since its introduction some 60 years ago, died on Saturday in Beijing on 14 January 2017.

Zhou Youguang’s 112th Birthday

Zhou Youguang’s 112th Birthday Google Doodle

The O’s in today’s Doodle flip from Pinyin to Chinese characters . Were it not for celebrated linguist 周有光 Zhou Youguang, this phonetic translation would never have come to life, and the world would still be referring to ‘Beijing’ as ‘Peking,’ and to ‘Chongqing’ as ‘Chungking.’

In pursuit of his language love throughout his life, Youguang wrote over 40 books and translated the encyclopedia Britannica into Chinese. Born on this day as Zhou Yaoping, this linguist later adopted the pen name “Yougang” to bring light to the world. Today to celebrate Yougang’s 112th birthday in a special place.

Doodle by Cynthia Yuan Cheng

Zhou Youguang

Today, schoolchildren learn Pinyin before characters, and it is often used to input characters on smartphones and computers. It bridged multiple Chinese dialects with its shared designations of sound.

Zhou Youguang

Zhou Youguang

Zhou Youguang

Zhou Youguang Biography

  • Native name :周有光
  • Born :Zhou Yaoping 13 January 1906 Changzhou, Jiangsu, Qing Empire
  • Died :14 January 2017 (aged 111 years, 1 day) Beijing, China
  • Alma mater :St. John’s University Guanghua University
  • Known for :Development of Pinyin; supercentenarian
  • Education: University of Tokyo, St. John’s University, Shanghai, East China Normal University, Kyoto University
    Political party: China Democratic National Construction Association
  • Notable work :The Historical Evolution of Chinese Languages and Scripts
  • Political party China Democratic National Construction Association
  • Spouse(s) :Zhang Yunhe (m. 1933; her death 2002)
  • Children :2

Zhou Youguang

Read more about Zhou Youguang wikipedia

Zhou Youguang’s 112th birthday Google Doodles

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