Wangdee “Wang Tae” Nima 96th Birthday Google Doodle

Date: March 1, 2021 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Wangdee “Wang Tae” Nima 96th Birthday Google Doodle

Today the search Engine Google is celebrating Wangdee Nima (Wang Tae)’s 96th Birthday with attractive Doodle artwork in the Thailand on Google ‘homepage’ Google today dedicated to Wangdee Nima the life and legacy of Thai musician Wangdee Nima, a performer affectionately known by his stage name Wang Tae.

สุขสันต์วันครบรอบวันเกิด 96 ปี หวังเต๊ะ (หวังดี นิมา)

Wangdee "Wang Tae" Nima

Wangdee “Wang Tae” Nima หวังเต๊ะ


Wang Tae, whose real name is Wang Dee Nima, was born on March 2, 1925 in Pathum Thani Province. Being a muslim Is a folk song artist with a special expertise in song Lam-Khat. Has set up the diamond group “Wang Tae” has been performing for over 40 years until the name of Wang Tae has become a symbol of Lamkik. Is an artist who creates and inherits folk performances with great pride His talent, intelligence, eloquence, ability to improvise and compose excellent words with an emphasis on aesthetics.

Wang Tae inherited a love for music from his parents, both of whom were performers of traditional Thai folk genres.

The beauty of language He has faithfully used the ability and the art of performing the righteous people. He is determined to conserve, transfer, and disseminate the art of performing chicks to future generations. In order to carry on the Thai heritage as a national identity Hope was honored as National artist Performing Arts (Folk song) of the year 1988.

Wangdee Nima (Wang Tae)

This popular folk song genre brings together male and female groups to alternate humorous, improvised songs to bring audiences laughter, all in harmony with the background of musical instruments such as canals. Ramana, a traditional Thai hand drum.

Wangdee Nima

Wang Tae soon established his own troupe called “Lam Tat Wang Tae” which earned him national recognition and widespread attention. Wang Tae is famous for his clever lyrics, and his crafty use of his partner has made Wang De a true master of the Thai language, whose witty performance has brought smiles to audiences across Thailand for almost forty years.

In the end of life Got sick with liver cancer In July 2011, he was admitted to Bumrungrad International Hospital. Until June 26, 2012, he passed away.Siri was 87 years old.

Happy birthday, Wangdee Nima!


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