Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant Sam R34, 3D Version by Lightfirm Named ‘Sam’

Date: June 4, 2021 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant Sam R34, 3D Version by Lightfirm Named ‘Sam’

Move Over Bixby: Firm Makes New Virtual Assistant For Samsung Named ‘Sam’

Is Sam the Samsung assistant a guy?

Details about the concept for “Samsung Assistant Sam new virtual assistant” posted to the Singapore outfit’s website were also hastily removed. Sam, who one online commenter compared to a Pixar character, is a you woman with blue eyes, medium-length brown hair and rosy cheeky.

Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant Sam

Who is the new Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant Sam?


Samsung is supposedly working on its new virtual assistant called Sam. Unlike Bixby, the company’s previous virtual assistant, this new version is a 3D (3-dimensional) character. Previously, Apple’s main competitor only launched a 2D model of its virtual assistant, the current Bixby model.

Sam is going to cause you to overlook Bixby. A visual expressions creation house named Lightfarm has completed a pristine menial assistant for Samsung named Sam. It is supplanting the organization’s long-running and idiosyncratic sounding Bixby.

Samsung May Replace Bixby With a 3D Virtual Assistant Named Sam

Lightfarm has printed several photos and renders of Sam, and we’re certainly getting uncanny-valley Battle Angel Alita vibes from it. Aside from that though, the new render looks pretty good, then we’re not precisely sure if a company like Samsung would go for the, uh, sole art style that Lightfarm has shown.

Lightfarm is a multi-award-winning visual arts production house documented by Cannes and is a winner of the LIA Grand Prix. But unless Samsung is observing to amazement the tech industry with an unannounced re-imagining of one of the core components of their products, we’re going to undertake that the Samsung Sam character was made by Lightfarm by their own volition, and as more of a “hey look what we did for your product” than an actual statement from the brand.

Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant Sam

“Throughout the procedure, the team devoted itself to emerging truthful resources, mainly for the character’s hair and clothing, so that Sam seemed aesthetically pleasing. Sam was an unbelievable partnership between the Cheil Agency and Lightfarm, and we are excited to be part of this project!” Lightfarm said of the project.

The company’s non-conversational voice associate, S Voice who pre-dates Bixby was discharged in June 2020. Bixby on the other hand has been present on Samsung devices since its launch on the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant Sam release date, availability coming out an unofficial….

The company hasn’t announced anything officially about this new virtual assistant that they are planning to incur in their products and they have not even given any kind of hint as they have not stated anything about replacing Bixby so this could turn out to be a turn off for many as the idea looks pretty approachable and it seems like that the users would have to wait for the announcement from the company itself which could take some time.


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