Rosa Sevilla de Alvero’s 142nd Birthday Google Doodle

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Rosa Sevilla de Alvero Biography

Today the Search Engine Google is celebrating and honors to a Philippines woman journalist, educator, and activist Rosa Sevilla de Alvero’s 142nd Birthday with interactive Doodle artwork. The Filipino woman who is widely considered one of the most influential suffragists in Filipino history.

Rosa Sevilla de Alvero

About Rosa Sevilla de Alvero

Born On March 4, 1879, Rosa Sevilla de Alvero, educator, writer and one of the notable suffragists in Asia who fought for the Filipino women’s right to vote, was born in Tondo, Manila, the Philippines capital.

As a child, she was sent to live with her aunt, an educator who hosted Filipino patriots and intellectuals at her home. Sevilla often eavesdropped on conversations about her struggle against educational colonialism. This is a revolutionary argument that helped shape her beliefs. At just 21 years old, Alvero founded Instituto de Mujeres (“Women’s Institute”) in Manila, one of the first schools for women in Philippine history.

She graduated from Assumption College as “Maestras Superior” in pursuit of her desired profession to become a teacher. Together with Pravijanue Bakarou and Pilar Hidalgolim, she lobbied and campaigned for women’s suffrage.

Therefore, after April 30, 1937, Filipino women were given the right to vote and the right to vote, resulting in the election of two female presidents of the country.

Originally, the 1935 Constitution restricted male citizens from suffrage, as there was no general requirement for suffrage by Filipino women themselves, and granting suffrage to women only disrupted family unity. Was. Women will become more active in politics.

Rosa Sevilla de Alvero'

Rosa Sevilla

The institute became a breeding ground for progress under the leadership of Seville, educating women on topics such as suffrage, profession and Tagalog. She also collaborated with a prominent Filipino Tagalog poet to announce her first Baraktasan (a debate in poetic poetry). This triggered a movement in which Tagalog became the national language. Sevilla left Manila in 1916 to rally women across the country in a suffrage battle and later founded Riganacional de Damas Filipinas (“Philippines Women’s National League”) to support her cause.

Filipino women were given voting rights in 1937, thanks in part to a phrase that encouraged Seville’s tremendous action. Today, the Mujeres Institute in Seville continues to preserve its legacy as the Rosa Seville Memorial School.

An eloquent speaker and talented editor of La Vanguardia’s Women’s Page, she founded Woman’s Outlook, a national magazine for women.

She was awarded her Presidential Medal of Freedom on July 4, 1948, for her many services performed for her country and Filipinos. That same year she also won the Queen Isabella II of Spain Award.

She married the famous painter of the time, Emilio Alvero.

She died on May 11, 1954 at the age of 75.

Happy birthday, Rosa Sevilla de Alvero!

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