Queen City Dom’s TikTok Vaccine Video Goes Viral | Covid Vaccine complication claims Story

Date: August 20, 2021 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Trending News

Queen City Dom’s TikTok Vaccine Video Goes Viral | Covid Vaccine complication claims Story

A Tiktok girl named Queen city Dom has shared a viral video showing the severe vaccine complication. Again this question is being asked about the Vaccince complication. People around the world is sharing different reactions on this video. Many fast-checking websites are also checking and had different reaction on the same. The most popular fast-checking website called ‘Logically’ has debunked this.

Queen City Dom TikTok Vaccine


Who is Queen City Dom?

Name : Dominnique or Queen City Dom, very popular girl in Tiktok with 227,000 followers. She has shared a video on her health saying the vaccine complications. She’s recently gone viral after sharing what she says are the severe adverse side effects she’s experienced since receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Queen City Dom Reddit, Instagram, TikTok Video Gone Viral


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Here is the link of fast-checking websites and their views on the same.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok this week after sharing a video claiming that complications from the Covid vaccine had given her other health issues. Her video has now had over 10.1 million views. The North Carolina native joined the app this month, moving across from Instagram, to claim that the Covid vaccine caused her health to drastically decline.

Queen City Dom Fake Covid

Queen City Dom’s Fake Covid Reaction Real or Fake?

A nurse and influencer called Erin reposted Dominique’s story on Instagram in support on Monday (August 16th). However, her post has been flagged as “partly false information” by fact-checking website Logically. Logically claims that Dominque’s symptoms occurred two weeks after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, and are therefore unrelated.

“There is no mechanism by which a COVID-19 vaccine could cause seizures,” they said. The fact checkers argue that the information in the video is false, and that Dominique’s symptoms were not caused by the Covid-19 vaccine.

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