Qixi Festival 2020 Canada | Chinese Valentine’s Day 2020 | 七夕情人節 2020 Qixi Festival Story

Date: August 25, 2020 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Qixi Festival 2020 Canada | Chinese Valentine’s Day 2020 | 七夕情人節 2020 Qixi Festival Story

Hello Friends, Today the search engine Google has shared a very interactive Google Doodle on the Qixi Festival which has been celebrated in Taiwan as Qixi Valentine’s Day and also known as The Qixi Festival which is a symbol of love and celebration like Valentine’s Day. Here is the quick details about this loveful festival. We need to understand the spiritual significance of this festival. So that we can understand and follow in our daily lives which will improve the godly knowledge, purity, peace and power.

The Legend Behind Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) Story of Niulang and Zhinü

Qixi Festival 2020

Also called Qiqiao Festival 七夕情人節
Observed by Chinese
Date 7th day of 7th month
on the Chinese lunar calendar
2019 date : 7 August
2020 date : 25 August
Related to Tanabata (Japan), Chilseok (Korea), Thất Tịch (Vietnam)
Canada, Taiwan 25 August 2020

Mythology About Qixi Festival

Mythology About Qixi Festival

The Spiritual Significance of Qixi Festival

The history of this festival says that this festival is symbol of love which is a pure feeling for your beloved. Love is the biggest virtue in this world. We can win the other’s mind with love.

The legend says of a human cow herder named Niúláng and a fairy named Zhinü–the daughter of the goddess of heaven–who was in love and wed in secret. We can understand the love between them. We are talking about the Heaven which is the purest place where there is no vices at all. Everybody loves all, there is no partiality. Everybody have pure love with each soul.

When Zhinü’s mother exposed that her daughter had married a mortal man, she disallowed their love and demanded Zhinü return to heaven. When we talk about the Heaven, we can not compare with this hell. This is the time when hell is everywhere. There is no heaven, we see in this time now. But GOD says, if you follow the GOD’s teachings and become pure, you can be in heaven. So, be prepare for that and start study.

Niúláng struggled to find his wife in heaven, but the goddess created a river between them, known today as the Milky Way.

Touched by Niúláng’s heartbreak, thousands of magpies shaped a bridge over the river to unite the couple again, a scene reimagined in the Doodle artwork.

In turn, the goddess decided to let the star-crossed lovers to see once a year on this day.

Taiwan remember them today and celebrate, enjoying this day and spread love in the society. There is no anger, peacelessness. There is only love and love in the air. Where there is a love, peace and prosperity is there.

Qixi festival

What is the story of Qixi?

As with most traditional festivals in China, there is a myth behind the Chinese corresponding of Valentine’s Days (known as “Qixi” 七夕情人節), with a long history dating back to an ill-fated love affair between a cowherd and a young goddess during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD).Aug 28, 2017

Today marks Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day, which falls on the 7th day of the 7th month on the Chinese lunar calendar. Originating from a 2,000-yr-old legend, the festival celebrates eternal love. More about the romantic tale of Niulang & Zhinv

All festivals are not born for gifts and red envelopes, but to remind us not to forget to love and be loved, life needs a sense of ritual!
——Happy Qixi Festival

Today’s #GoogleDoodle artwork depicts two lovers reunited on a bridge formed by magpies, a recreation of a scene from the ancient story behind the holiday Two hearts

Learn more about the roots of the #QixiFestival Wikipedia

Happy Qixi Festival!

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