Phraya Si Sunthon Wohan พระยาศรีสุนทรโวหาร น้อย อาจารยางกูร

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Phraya Si Sunthon Wohan 

Today’s the Search Engine Google is celebrating Phraya Si Sunthon Wohan’s 198th Birthday with Google Doodle in Thailand. He was a known for the Thai author, poet, and teacher Phraya Wohan พระยาศรีสุนทรโวหาร น้อย อาจารยางกูร, who has been credited as the top authority on the Thai language during the rule of King Rama V in the late 19th century.

Phraya Si Sunthon Wohan

Phraya Si Sunthon Wohan

Sunthon Wohan wrote some of the country’s first Thai textbooks used to educate the youth and members of the royal family.Born in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand in 1822, Noiachan Yang Khun moved to Bangkok at the age of 13 and began a lifelong language journey. For the next eight years he studied at the Golden Wat Saket, one of the oldest temples in the capital, learning Thai, Khmer (an adjoining Cambodian official language), and Pali (a classical language). did. It started in India).

Phraya Si Sunthon Wohan

He wrote the country’s first textbook and taught the royal family at Suan Klaab, a rose garden school in the Royal Palace of Bangkok. The poet Sandton Wahan is also known for writing the first national anthem in Thailand.

  • Born July 5, 1822
  • Baan Rim Khlong Sothon Mueang Chachoengsao Chachoengsao
  • Died 16 October 1891
  • Thai Nationality
  • Thai ethnicity
  • Writer career : Outstanding works of royal learning, hymns of praise to the Buddha, Dharma, Phra Sangkhakhun, etc.

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