Niakyoot Viral Tiktok Video Goes Viral | Who is Niakyoot? 

Date: March 20, 2022 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Viral Videos

Niakyoot Viral Tiktok Video Goes Viral | Who is Niakyoot? 

Niaky00t Leaked Videos and Photos goes viral on Twitter/ Tiktok / Reddit and other social media platform. so in this video i am talking about who is Niaky00t?

The viral video of Niakyoot has been a hot topic of discussion on TikTok. A user named Niakyoot on Instagram had many profiles. Some are new profiles where there is no such post, but initial has 2 videos that are stated to break the community guidelines as well. Some videos have already been taken down from Instagram.

Niakyoot Viral Tiktok Video

Who is Niakyoot?

Niaky00t is a TikToker who has over 43,000 followers on Instagram user name @Niaky00t, she posted one video and got Approx. 6,00,000 likes and her video got recently viral on social media. She got many views on each of her videos

The video has been widely shared on social media. At this time, it is unknown what is represented in the video, but one thing is for sure this video is bad.

Niakyoot Viral TiktTok / Twitter / Instagram Video

In further addition to this, another user on Tiktok is sharing a screenshot of the messages, which probably views he is having chat with the sufferer. It says that those private videos of her were shared on Instagram. According to the Instagram bio, asks for followers in return for the private viral videos. Though the user looks to have created many accounts already. And some unrecognized has joined in as they have started creating fake accounts under her name as well. The video was the female stripping on the pole bar where she was doing some sexy poses and Her popularity is increasing day to day.

Talking about her age seems like she was around in her 20s by looking at their looks. The exact age was unknown yet. Her parent’s details were also unknown. If we found any information related to her age and her family then we definitely inform you or update you as soon as possible.

The viral video clips are a video of a girl who takes down her clothes and expose her body and the bio on the profile says people who want private images can direct message on the page. It has created a rage on the web. Cybercitizens on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are talking about her and her video. Its looks like she is a minor. Several people believe that and have asked everyone to report this page.

Niakyoot Viral Tiktok Video

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