LG V20 Zerolemon 10000mAh Battery Case

Date: February 26, 2017 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: LG

LG V20 Zerolemon Extended Battery Case

TriCell has launched LG V20 Zerolemon 10000mAh the original innovator of the world’s largest tricell extended battery case with soft TPU Full Edge Protection Case priced at US $59.99. Triple the original capacity & Slimmer than any other manufacturers’ extended battery.

180 days zero lemon guarantee warranty with amazon 30 days full refund guarantee; longest warranty period in market; 24 hours / 7 days a week support; 100% zero defect guarantee. Full edge wrap TPU case brings all-around protection. lg v20 zerolemon 10000mah world’s only manufacturer integrates both back cover with case into one for ultimate drop protection.

LG V20 Zerolemon 10000mAh Batery Case

LG V20 Zerolemon 10000mAh Batery Case

Support; 100% Zero Defect Guarantee.
Case Dimension: 6.47×3.25×0.82 inches
Weight: 0.39 lbs
Y SKU: Y1146
UPC: 4897011002835

Price at Amazon US $59.99

LG V20 Zerolemon


  • This case will not support NFC as NFC is inserted on the original battery.
  • Phone will be bulkier due to extended battery required physical space.
  • This case is not designed to provide screen protection.

LG V20 Zerolemon

Patented Design- patent #: US D700,39 s – the original innovator of the world’s largest capacity tricell extended battery.

High Capacity
Offers 200% extra battery life to your LG V20. (Note: Actual battery life will variously depend on your hardware, software and network conditions.)


  • Due to oversize capacity, phone will show battery at 3% for slightly prolonged period, this is normal behavior.
  • Please note this battery requires removal of the back cover of the LG V20 for use and with Zerolemon case.
  • We recommend user to charge the extended battery with original LG charger and cable.
  • To fully charge the extended battery, please charge more 2-3 hours after 100% charge.
    Please be aware: this battery DOES NOT work with NFC.

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