Kadambini Ganguly’s 160th Birthday – Who is the first lady doctor in india?

Date: July 18, 2021 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Kadambini Ganguly’s 160th Birthday – Who is the first lady doctor in india?

Today, the search engine Google has shared an interactive Google doodle and celebrating Kadambini Ganguly’s 160th birthday, who is the Indian doctor and the first woman to be trained as a physician in India.

Kadambini Ganguly

Who was Kadambini Ganguly?

Kadambini Ganguly was one of the first Indian female doctors who practiced with a degree in modern medicine, alongside other ground-breaking women such as Anandibai Joshi. Ganguly was the first lady to achieve admission to Calcutta Medical College in 1884, then trained in Scotland,and recognized a successful medical practice in India.

Born Kadambini Basu
18 July 1861
Bhagalpur, Bengal Presidency, British India
(now in Bihar, India)

Died 3 October 1923 (aged 62)
Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India
(present-day Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Alma mater Bethune College
University of Calcutta
Calcutta Medical College

Occupation Doctor

Spouse(s) Dwarkanath Ganguly
​(m. 1883; died 1898)​

Bidhumukhi Devi (Step-daughter)
Satish Chandra Gangopadhyay (step-son)
Nirupama Halder
Nirmal Chandra Ganguly
Prafulla Chandra Ganguly
Joytirmoyee Ganguly
Prabhat Chandra Ganguly
Amal Chandra Ganguly
Himani Ganguly (died at the age of 3 months)
Jayanti Barman

Who is the first lady doctor in india?

First Indian Lady Doctor Name Kadambini Ganguly

Kadambini Ganguly

Ganguly was born Kadambini Basu daughter of Brahmo reformer Braja Kishore Basu, she was born on 18 July 1861 at Bhagalpur, Bihar in British India. The family was from Chandsi, in Barisal which is now in Bangladesh.

Her father was headmaster of Bhagalpur School. He and Abhay Charan Mallick started the movement for women’s emancipation at Bhagalpur, establishing the women’s organisation Bhagalpur Mahila Samiti in 1863, the first in India.

The 2020 “Prothoma Kadambini” biographical television series based on Ganguly’s life revived her legacy by telling her inspirational story to a new generation.

Happy birthday, Kadambini Ganguly!

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