JJ Da Boss & Tricia Car Accident Video – Tricia Crash Street Outlaws

Date: January 13, 2022 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Trending News

 JJ Da Boss & Tricia Car Accident Video – Tricia Crash Street Outlaws

JJ Da Boss is a professional racer who was involved in a serious car accident on the 13th of January. Here are the details about the incident and his survival. JJ Da Boss is a professional underground car racer who was involved in a car accident yesterday on the date 13th of January 2022. JJ Da Boss has always been involved in an accident, as he is a street racer and likes to take the risks. Talking about his survival, he is very much alive and is not injured, but minor injuries have occurred.

people are getting curious as many queries have occurred in their minds like Is JJ Da Boss’s wife injured in the car accident? is Dead or Alive?

JJ Da Boss & Tricia Car Accident Video

JJ Da Boss & Tricia Car Accident Video CCTV Recorded

JJ Da Boss Car Accident Video & Wreck-Is He Dead Or Still Alive? According to a report he was involved in a car accident on 13th January which led him a breakdown of his nervous system when he was leaving the set but his wife Tricia was not injured in the accident. JJ Da Boss’s wife is known a Tricia and according to JJ’s Facebook account, One of the youtube video uploaded after the incident shows a devastating crash with some wall, but as of now, no one is reported to be injured. The comment section is loaded with blessings and reports that revealed that both Boss and his wife are safe and sound.

Both were racing somewhere which is undisclosed when they faced an accident. His wife Tricia also known as Patrica Day she is a television artist from Memphis and also takes interest in car racing and she has been also dubbed the Queen of the Streets.

JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day won many car racing championships together, Tricia Day is fond of car racing since her childhood and she started car racing when she was not grown up completely.

As per his Facebook page, they were racing at an unrevealed location. Then, on the way house, it comes up, the accident occurred. It will be interesting to watch now with this accident if it will affect the forthcoming Street Outlaws Memphis show that the Discovery Channel will be telecasting in the coming months. If they were actually shooting, it may cause a halt to the show for the time being.

JJ Da Boss Net Worth, Children & Wife

Due to the lack of information available regarding JJ Da Boss and his family, we can just tell you that they both share 11 children, and they also have five grandchildren from their kids. There is no information about the others, even though they claim to have reared 11 siblings. If we talk about their marriage date and place it is not confirmed yet. JJ Da Boss’s net worth is estimated from $1 million USD to $3 million USD, he become a famous racing star and mechanic despite his tough time in the early days of his career. He earned this net worth by his profession and other income assets are still unknown.

JJ Da Boss Wife

Tricia Day is JJ’s wife and one of the Memphis family’s strongest racers when she sits behind the steering wheel of her famous ’66 Chevy Nova called Heifer. Tricia Day is also a racing driver and reality TV personality in Memphis. She is famously known as a street racing queen. Most of the time, she teams up with JJ, with whom they have triumph several car racing championships. She began car racing when she was still a young girl the same as her spouse. The net worth of Tricia is between $1 and $1.5 million.

What Is JJ Da Boss Net Worth? His Earnings

Talking about JJ Da Boss’ net worth, he is one of the richest racers who has a net worth of around $1 million to $3 million.

But for now, the exact details are yet to hit the internet.

We know for sure that he has a huge collection of cars, ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions..

JJ Da Boss is very fond of cars and so he has a very high income from life-threatening races, and that is the reason he is so popular.

The news of his death was announced on the official Twitter page of the Kenai River Bruins. This came as s shock to many of his fans and well-wishers. Additionally, all his fans and his well-wishers express their grief on social media over the passing of the hockey player. The world certainly has lost a talented player.



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