“I Quit Alcohol Four Years Ago Newsweek — My life changed completely”

Date: June 7, 2021 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Trending News

“I Quit Alcohol Four Years Ago—My Life Changed Completely”

‘I Quit Alcohol Four Years Ago—My Life Changed Completely’

‘I quit alcohol four years ago—my life changed completely’ Newsweek. Yes we are talking about Kenny Dunn who used to drink heavy all day earlier and was feeling like hell. He shared his story which has gone viral. He said, he has left his alcohol addiction four years ago and this is the best decision which he made in his whole life.

By the time I was 34 years old, I was getting up every day and drinking alcohol. I knew where I could buy the cheapest hard liquor with the highest …

He said I am the person today I always imagined I could be when I was a child. It’s a fantastic feeling to look at yourself in the mirror every day and be able to say: ‘That guy is great.’

I Quit Alcohol Four Years Ago Newsweek

He said, drinking habit made his life like hell in which he was so erratic, irritable, restless, angry person. He was not able to meet his commitments at work. He could not able to sleep also. He also shared that when He was drunk and see his face in the mirror and ask “How did I get like this?”. He realizes but never left the drinking habit.

He said that one day, he finally realized and could be able to leave this addiction. One of his friend has helped him in this regard. She took him to a meeting for addicts. He finally realized then: I am an alcoholic.

He attended the 12 step program to leave this addiction. His doctor has helped him a lot. He has shared his 2 selfie comparison. One selfie was old one when he used to drink and another is the latest one when he was coming out from his addiction. His family started helping him to inspire.

He has shared one instance: “At our family Christmas in 2016, I noticed there was no alcohol and a few hours in I asked my father why they weren’t drinking. He told me not to worry. I realized my family had collectively decided to abstain from alcohol for my sake. It was very emotional and it absolutely meant the world to me. Now, I don’t have an issue being around alcohol, but it was hard for a while.”

I hope, this real life experience inspire many peoples to leave their addictions very easily. You can check out our articles on de-addictions below.

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