Hole punch history , Google Doodle celebrates 131st Anniversary

Date: November 14, 2017 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Hole punch history , Google Doodle celebrates 131st Anniversary

The search engine Google is celebrating today hole punch history 131st Anniversary of the Hole Puncher, showing this animated Doodle in UK , USA , Canada and  many Countries for the 131st Anniversary of the Hole Puncher. A hole punch (also known as a hole puncher) is a common office tool that is used to create holes in sheets of paper, often for the purpose of collecting the sheets in a binder or folder.

hole punch history ,131st Anniversary of the Hole Puncher

Hole punch history , Google Doodle celebrates 131st Anniversary

What is the Hole Punch History? hole puncher invented

Punch or perforator is an office tool that allows you to hole punch history the sheets of paper so that they can be properly filed in dossiers. Its operation comes down to a lever that compresses a sharp metal cylinder by punching the paper. .

The punch Erfindung des Lochers was invented in Germany, by Matthias Theel and patented by Friedrich Soennecken on November 14, 1886.

 The Soennecken hole puncher - one of the first to be produced by the German company

The most common are 2-hole, but there are also 4 and 6 holes. There are several drilling capabilities ranging from a few sheets to industrial drills that cut hundreds at a time. They usually have a tab depending on the size of the paper to be punched a typical punch , whether a single punch or a multiple punch, has a long lever that is used to push a bladed cylinder straight through a number of sheets of paper. Since the vertical distance of the cylinder is only a few millimeters.

Hole punch history

Today we celebrate 131 years of the Lochers, an inconspicuous – but indispensable – artifact of German engineering. As modern jobs continue to penetrate the digital dimension, this age-old tool remains largely, wonderfully, the same. See hole punch history . It’s a familiar scene with a familiar tool furador de papel historia: the gentle rat-tat-tat on the table as you square up a dangerously thick stack of papers, still warm from the printer.

hole punch history

See hole punch history USA https://www.google.com/

Hole punch :-

  • create holes in sheets of paper
  • such as aluminum siding or metal air ducts
  • used for leather goods, cloth, or thin plastic sheeting
  • office tool
  • A leather punch

Source : Google Doodles , hole punch history on wikipedia

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