Harold Moody Google Doodle : Who was Dr. Harold Moody?

Date: September 1, 2020 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Celebrating Dr. Harold Moody

Today, the search engine Google is celebrating Dr. Harold Moody day with very interactive Google Doodle which has been created by Dublin-based guest artist Charlot Krisetnsen. He was from Jamaica. He was the British doctor, racial equality campaigner and the founder of the U.K.’s first civil rights movement. He did very good work for society and fully dedicated his life to campaigning for racial equity and advocating against discrimination. He came to U.K. in 1904 for medical study and started his social work.

Harold Moody

Harold Moody Short Biography

Born : Harold Arundel Moody
8 October 1882
Kingston, Jamaica

Died : 24 April 1947 (aged 64)
Peckham, London, England

Alma mater : King’s College London

Occupation :Physician, civil rights activist

Known for : Founder of the League of Coloured Peoples

Spouse(s) Olive Mable Tranter, Children 6

Harold Arundel Moody (8 October 1882 – 24 April 1947) was a Jamaican-born physician in London who campaigned against racial prejudice and established the League of Coloured Peoples in 1931 with the support of the Quakers.

Moody was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1882, the son of pharmacist Charles Ernest Moody and his wife Christina Emmeline Ellis. In 1904, he navigated to the United Kingdom to study medicine at King’s College London, concluding top of his class when he qualified in 1910, aged 28.

Having been declined work because of his colour, he started his own medical practice in Peckham, south-east London, in February 1913.

Harold Moody bio

Harold Moody Books

Negro Victory: The life story
The book Negro Victory: The life story of Dr. Harold Moody, by David A. Vaughan, was published in 1950. The house where Moody lived at 164 Queen’s Road, Peckham, now has a blue plaque dedicated to him that was erected in 1995 by English Heritage.

In this Google Doodle, very good art work has been shared by the creator of the Google Doodle. He opened his own private medical practice in Peckham, South East London. A building has been shown in this doodle which the neighborhood that inspired the building design. 2 children has shown in this doodle, which depicted represents children, Dr. Moody would treat free of charge. He used to help those needy person who was in need of urgent and emergency services. He was called humanitarian and philanthropist.

Learning From The Today’s Google Doodle

Today’s Doodle was illustrated by Dublin-based guest artist Charlot Kristensen. Below, she shares her thoughts:

A: I hope that the way I’ve portrayed Dr. Moody will inspire people to learn more about him and other important Black people in the U.K.—especially in Peckham, which often carries a negative stigma.

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