Gertrude Jekyll , Gertrude Jekyll’s 174th Birthday Google Doodle

Date: November 29, 2017 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Gertrude Jekyll , Gertrude Jekyll’s 174th Birthday Google Doodle

Today Google Search Engine is Celebrating Gertrude Jekyll’s 174th Birthday by A Google Doodle in UK ,Canada and some other Countries . Gertrude Jekyll is an English landscaper, she was one of the great gardeners of her time and her influence on the art of gardening remains important. He was born in 29 November 1843, London, United Kingdom and died December 8, 1932, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Gertrude Jekyll’s 174th Birthday

Gertrude Jekyll’s 174th Birthday Google Doodle

She has participated in the creation of more than 400 gardens mainly in the United Kingdom and France and has written numerous articles and books.

Gertrude Jekyll Biography

Gertrude Jekyll Biography

Born in 1843 into a wealthy family, she studied and remained single. She began her career in garden design and wrote on the subject. She lived in Surrey where she took care of her garden and produced new species of plants.

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Painter and photographer, this artist influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement devoted herself to gardens. His research focused on color balance: flowerbeds, mixed-borders, gertrude jekyll garden plans woodland gardens, climbing plants and rosebushes. She showed the importance of proportion, textures and fragrance in gardens.

She died in 1932 and left several books, hundreds of articles and photo albums.

Gertrude Jekyll

  • Born: November 29, 1843, London, United Kingdom
  • Died: December 8, 1932, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Education: Royal College of Art Website :
  • Structures: Winchester College War Cloister

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Today’s Doodle was created by British artist Ben Giles. Giles unites the hot and cool colors the horticulturist favored to create a lush and brilliant garden collage. From the corner of the illustration, Jekyll watches her garden grow.

The English gardens of Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932) have influenced good garden design throughout the world. … Google Books

Discover the beautiful gardens of Gertrude Jekyll by Google Doodles

Gertrude Jekyll

Gertrude Jekyll’s 174th Birthday Google Doodle

Gertrude Jekyll’s 174th Birthday Google Doodle

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