Gerda Taro’s 108th Birthday Celebrates Google Doodle

Date: August 1, 2018 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Gerda Taro’s 108th Birthday Celebrates Google Doodle

Search Engine Today Google is showing Gerda Taro’s 108th Birthday with Google Doodle in United States and few other countries. She was a German war photographer, Born on this day in 1910 in Stuttgart, Germany known for companion and professional partner of photographer Robert Capa.

Taro is regarded as the first female photojournalist to cover the front lines of a war and to die while doing so.She heavily contributed to the early days of the work accredited to the alias “Robert Capa. She was also Known as “the little red fox,” the ginger-haired photographer fearlessly turned her camera lens to capture sensitive and critical images of conflict around the world.

Gerda Taro’s 108th Birthday

Who was Gerda Taro?

Gerta Pohorylle was born on August 1, 1910 in Stuttgart, a medieval Jewish Galician family in the Kingdom of Württemberg. Paul went to a Swiss boarding school In 1929, the family moved to Leipzig. And moved just before the birth of Nazi Germany.

Taro joined the left group and opposed the Nazi party. In 1933 she was arrested and detained in anti Nazi propaganda distribution. Ultimately, the entire Poor Holly home had to direct the Nazis Germany to another destination. Taro will not see her family again.

Gerda Taro

She has a short career and worked alone in Spain and photographed the image at the forefront of the Spanish Civil War in July 1937. And lost a miserable life near El Escorial in the northwest of Madrid 26 years old The image of her fierce battlefield. And gave her a name of the household even though much of their images had erroneously assigned to Capa.

While, producing powerful black-and-white images that informed readers of the newspaper Ce Soir. In fact, Taro has considered to be the first female journalist in the world to cover the front lines of conflict.

 Gerda Taro’s 108th Birthday

Gerda Taro’s Biography

  • Born: August 1, 1910, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Died: July 26, 1937, El Escorial, Spain
  • Buried: Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France
  • Books: Gerda Taro
  • Parents: Gisela Pohorylle, Heinrich Pohorylle
  • Occupation :photojournalist
  • Employer :Alliance Photo
  • Partner(s):Robert Capa (1935–1937)

Read more about Gerda Taro on wikipedia

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