Gabenotbabe Car Accident | San Antonio TikTok star ‘Gabe Salazar’ died in Car Crash

Date: October 12, 2021 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Trending News

San Antonio TikTok star ‘Gabe Salazar’ died in Car Crash

Gabe was reportedly killed in a car accident in San Antonio, Texas on September 26. TikTok star Gabriel Salazar, 19, ‘dead in car crash’ as loved ones pay tribute. GoFundMe campaign started to help his family. They confirmed his death. In only a few hours, the campaign has already reached close to the halfway mark of the $25,000 target.

Latest Original Full Gabenotbabe Car Accident Video clip footage goes viral and trending on social media twitter, reddit and youtube after friends TikTok star Gabriel Salazar said that he involved in an accident in San Antonio, Texas.

Devastated friends are paying tribute amid reports TikTok star Gabriel Salazar died in a car crash.

Gabenotbabe Car Accident

Gabenotbabe Car Accident

Who is Gabriel Salazar (Gabenotbabe) ?

Gabrial Salazar is known on TikTok as Gabe and has so far accumulated more than 78million likes on his channel, @gabenotbabe.

He lasted shared a video on the platform on September 23.

Gabriel Salazar, or Gabe as he is now online, is a TikTok user with 1.3 million followers and with 390,000 followers in Instagram.

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How old was Gabriel Salazar ?

He was at age 19 year old.

Why is ‘Gabriel Salazar car accident’ trending?

There are reports that Gabriel has died in a car accident – but this has yet to be confirmed.

It’s reported he was killed in a crash in San Antonio, Texas, on September 26.

Friends and fans alike have been posting tributes to him.

However, the TikTok world has been rocked by the tragic news of his passing following a car accident on September 26, leading many fans and fellow users to pay tribute to him following his sudden passing.

“Don’t really want to get into details because it’s so hard for us to even talk about the pain he went through. Words cannot express the heartbreak our entire community is feeling from the loss of our Gabriel. Your family and friends miss you.”

“Words can’t even explain how I feel right now. man, I would do anything to get you back right now bro. Long live Gabe,” Flores posted. “Best duo ever dawg. R. I. P. to my brother man.”

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