Eugène Poubelle : Google Doodle célèbre l’inventeur de la poubelle

Date: April 15, 2021 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Google Doodle

Eugène Poubelle : Google Doodle célèbre l’inventeur de la poubelle

Google fête Il y a 190 ans naissait Eugène Poubelle à sa façon la naissance de l’inventeur de la poubelle.. Full Name Eugène René Poubelle, né à Caen en Normandie le 15 avril 1831, est un juriste, administrateur et diplomate français. Today’s animated Doodle celebrates Eugène Poubelle, the French lawyer, administrator, and diplomat credited with revolutionizing Paris’s waste management system in the late 19th century. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, Poubelle is forever immortalized in the French word for the trash can: la poubelle.

Eugène Poubelle’s 190th Birthday

Quel est l’inventeur de la poubelle ?

Eugène Poubelle invented a device for containing and transporting waste, a kind of garbage bag ahead of its time. In 1884, Poubelle decreed that Parisian landlords were required to install large, covered receptacles for their tenants’ household trash, and—far ahead of his time—he even mandated three separate bins to facilitate recycling. In 1890, la poubelle was officially inducted into the French dictionary as the term for “garbage can.”

The size and even the capacity of these containers are then strictly controlled: 40 to 120 liters. The decree also provides for the sorting of waste: three boxes are compulsory, one for putrescible materials, one for papers and rags and a last for glass, earthenware and oyster shells, considerably improving the hygiene of households in the capital.

Poubelle’s mandates also catalyzed the development of garbage collection vehicles, early versions of which were in the form of horse-drawn carriages. With the advent of the first automobiles, these prototypical garbage trucks evolved into motor vehicles in 1897; At the dawn of the 20th century, this sanitation technology paved the way for garbage collection to become commonplace not only in French urban centers, but across the country.

Eugène Poubelle

Eugène Poubelle Biographie

  • Date/Lieu de naissance : 15 avril 1831, Caen
  • Date de décès : 15 juillet 1907, Paris
  • Lieu de sépulture : Carcassonne
  • Profession : Professeur de droit

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Thank you, Eugène Poubelle, for refusing to let your visionary ideas be thrown out!

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