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センメルヴェイス・イグナーツ Ignaz Semmelweis Google Doodle

センメルヴェイス・イグナーツ Ignaz Semmelweis Google is showing a Doodle globally for recognizing Ignaz Semmelweis and Handwashing. The man who taught us hand washing. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician and scientist who widely attributed as the first person to discover the medical benefits of handwashing. Today’s Doodle follows the official recommendation on how to properly […]

Waitangi Day 2020 #GoogleDoodle

Waitangi Day 2020 #GoogleDoodle Today the Search Engine Google is celebrating Waitangi Day 2020 with attractive Doodle in the New Zealand. A recognition of the signing of the nation’s founding document. The Treaty of Waitangi on this day in 1840. The national day of New Zealand. It commemorates the signing on 6 February 1840 of […]

メアリー・サマヴィル Mary Somerville Google Doodle

メアリー・サマヴィル Mary Somerville  Google Doodle Today’s honors the legacy of groundbreaking Scottish scientist Mary Somerville. On this day in 1826. She was a Scottish science writer and polymath Born in Jedburgh, Scotland, on December 26th, 1790. She studied mathematics and astronomy, and was nominated to be jointly the first female member of the Royal Astronomical […]