Axia Sakit Video | AXIA Merah 红色 Dia Sakit PBSM Driver Baju Bulan Sabit Video

Date: April 8, 2023 Posted by: Rohit Gupta In: Viral Videos

Axia Sakit Video | AXIA Merah 红色 Dia Sakit PBSM Driver Baju Bulan Sabit Video 

A video went viral on the social media. Two unidentified Chinese men and women were suspected of causing a car shock in the car and were caught on camera. They used “Dia Sakit” as an excuse to prevaricate, and even asked the photographer to delete the video from social media.

A shocking news has come on the web and got the attention of the people. Yes, bulan sabit merah viral video twitter, reddit is shocking and inappropriate video is getting circulated on the social media and gaining the attention of the people. This video is not appropriate to watch for the viewers. this video is one of the most talked about topic on the social media platform, the video and photos is receiving a lot of attention and went trending on twitter.

Afterwards, the video was uploaded on social media and circulated wildly by many people, which also caused the police to intervene in the investigation.

AXIA Merah Viral Video

Axia Sakit Video

Bulan Sabit Merah Viral Video Twitter

After receiving the report, the police quickly arrested the men and women involved in the case in less than 24 hours. The two were a 22-year-old Chinese man and a 17-year-old girl. They both are very young, according to the pictures.

According to China Press, Su Haimi, director of the Zhidacheng Police District, issued a statement this evening, pointing out that a 23-second video was uploaded on an account on social media Twitter, the content of which was a couple performing obscene acts in public.

axia merah viral video

Axia Merah Viral Video Twitter

He said that after further investigation by the police, the incident occurred at 3:03 pm last Wednesday (March 29) at a public parking space in Maasai City, Pasir Gudang.

Video Bulan Sabit Merah Axia Sakit Video PBSM Viral On Twitter

In addition, he said that according to the information, the police arrested a 22- year-old local man and a 17-year-old local woman in Johor Jaya Garden and Pasir Gudang Masai City in Johor Bahru from 4:15pm to 5:15pm today..

Su Haimi pointed out that the preliminary investigation revealed that the two had no criminal records; the police also seized a Perodua Axia car and a red and white T-shirt.

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